Bible Learning Is Now Fun

We live in a world obsessed with mobile phones and social media. With all these technological advancements, we are somewhat losing our base and our moral values. So what do we teach our kids, what do we say to them, how do we communicate, how do we teach them about the bible?

Being a strong believer in god, I had been asking myself how can I teach my kids about the bible. It can be really difficult for you as a parent to impart the teachings you want your kids to have. So I came up with some creative ways to teach them about the Bible.

Over course of time I have realized that the best way to teach your kids about anything is to turn it into a fun activity.
Get two boxes and label them “Old Testament” and “New Testament” each, get some bible book cars and set a time (only if you like). Allow your child to go thru the cards and then ask them to place them in the right boxes. As you progress, you would see that you kid is getting better with this Bible game.

So now you want them to learn about the great events that took place and the years as well. A great way to do is by creating a simple mark the spot game or as I like to call it the Bible map. This is an easy to play game, where you can use pictures to depict a particular era and the events that took place. These events should be associated with some dates, ask your kids to fill in the details. Even if they are not able to do it in one go, I am sure they would remember it going forward, as pictures would leave an impression in their memory.

Another great Bible game can be guess the book, read a verse from the book and allow your child to answer the question. Wait, patiently for them to reply, sure it would be difficult at first but it will only get better with practice and age.

Don’t be disappointed at first if your kid is not able to play and guess well with the games. These kids bible games will be fun and a great learning experience once they get used to it. These are a list of few games that I have used, I am sure the internet has many more games for you to explore. Make this a fun activity, rather than something they have to do for sure, every Sunday. Make the Bible games interesting so that your kids want to come back and play more with you!

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How to Overcome First Bible Teaching Jitters

For Christians, learning the Bible starts as early as childhood years. Most kids Bible are made suitable to teach 5 year old children of Bible history, stories and other aspects of the book as they get older. The first lesson to be covered in a Bible study is its history. Learning this will help them have a grasp of the important events told in the Bible, making the study more exciting. Establishing a better historical background will also help kids develop a better understanding of the stories and prevent confusion especially about the genealogy of Jesus. It will also enable parents to add a sense of realism while narrating to their kids the stories. This can be done by relating Bible stories to current events and make their kids realize how much of a moral lesson that the Bible could teach them.

On the contrary, there are parents who feel quite intimidated at the thought of teaching their kids Bible stories. This is especially true for parents who feel inadequate when leading Bible study, but with prayer to God nothing is impossible. Bible study should be conducted as often as possible or whenever the whole family is together. More importantly, there should be regular renewal of faith for continued direction in life and decision makings. This is also why Sunday Mass is very important to be fulfilled every week, a responsibility that all Christians must practice. Bible study typically takes only a few hours as it does not need to be excessively long. This holds true for children who have shorter attention span than adults. So, it is advisable to don’t bore them with longer sessions. Approximately minimum of 15 minutes would be enough for the day since the most important thing is to conduct Bible study frequently.

Keep in mind that very young children may have a hard time understanding words from the Bible. It is advisable to tell the stories using your own words and explain to them the scenarios using realistic comparisons. You can also rely on Bible versions that are created for younger kids, particularly those that have illustrations and feature other resources to supplement your knowledge. You may also consider buying devotion for kids with modern English translation so that you can easily understand the language and vocabulary. This can help you effectively lead Bible study in front of your kids and other people.

After reading some chapters, you should try Bible quiz to assess their kid’s level of understanding the chapters read and written. Typical quizzes include Bible verses, enumerating the main characters in the chapter and historical references like places mentioned. Parents should know that children likely learn more if the teaching method is very interactive and gets them into the core of the story. This can be done by asking them questions, encourage them to make comments and participate in quizzes. Good thing numerous Bible games are available at book stores and they are helpful for teaching the Bible in the most appropriate way possible.

To learn more about Devotion for kids, feel free to visit: Bible quiz.

Proven-Effective Ways of Teaching Your Kids during Bible Study

In most cases, the first thing that parents teach to their children is the importance of obedience. Parents will most likely look for examples that display good moral values like the stories in the Bible. Reading the bible is one way to introduce the concept of God to children. However, reading letters after letters may bore them and start to lose interest down the stretch. It is only typical of parents to look for alternative ways to keep reading fun and exciting. Most children books these days feature graphic illustration and quizzes. The same thing goes for some Bible versions that are made for kids. Parents should try to look for those versions that feature Bible illustrations, maps and games that will make Bible study a great way to bond with your kids.

Similar to how you read fairy tales to your kids, you can read them Bible stories before bed or every morning. It is a fun learning activity that can teach them how to morally treat other people and become good children of God. Parents should also set their main goals regarding to what they want to achieve after reading the Bible. For example, the aim is to introduce to your kids the main characters during the first night. This is where illustrations would come handy if they become curious about the physical appearances of the characters and setting of the story. It is also recommended to choose Bible versions in a narrative form to help younger kids get into the story and improve their reading skills. There are Bible stories that are revised to suit kids aged 5 and 6 with a goal to develop their empathy towards the characters.

Conducting Bible games for kids are also an effective way to make the study memorable and something to look forward to the next day. It will fast-track the pace and makes the journey through God’s words more exciting. For a more thorough study, parents may also try to ask their kids to write in their own words the summary of the chapter or book they have recently read. A notebook dedicated to Bible study should be prepared to also have the kids illustrate the story besides writing them down. It is considered by many parents a fruitful experience as they were able to see how intuitive their kids have become.

For beginners, it is advisable to put the Bible in context to establish better groundwork for becoming familiar with the stories. Parents should know how to fit all stories together to understand the right sequence of events. For example, you can start with the genealogy of Jesus Christ. From here, you can gradually introduce to your kids the Bible apologetics. It is the most important aspect of the Bible because a better understanding of this will help them realize the reasons why they should defend their faith in God. Bible apologetics introduces newer concepts about creation of living and non living things, which is a good step in learning life science.

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How Important Are Bible Lessons For Kids

In case you are Christian parents and you desire that your children must believe in Jesus Christ as a Savior of mankind. For this, you probably have spent your much time in reading Bible verses for kids in order to learn how to train them properly to bring them in the instruction of the Lord.

You, as a parent, can make the Bible lessons for kids interesting for kids by make them understand that the Bible is a perfect place of discovering new things. These new things, they can apply in their lives showing them that God will guide them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When they discover themselves that God’s Words are true, they will come to you with numerous questions and you must have an openhearted discussion with your beloved kids.

In today’s world, many children do not see the importance of making the Bible illustrations personal to themselves. This is so because they don’t have a good understanding of the whole concept of Bible. This means that they are unable to understand who God is and why one must read the Bible. That is why, they do not understand the need for salvation.

Bible study for kids can be an excellent way to offer them a steady understanding on the overall message of the Bible which explains the Gospel in detail. Rather than forcing your kid to sit in a Sunday school class and expect him/her to learn all they need to know about God, get them into a regular Bible devotion time at home.

To begin with something that will help them through an overview of the Bible will give the kids a solid foundation of understanding the truths and facts about the God, sin and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Remember what the Bible says, “Teach a youth about the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” “And that from childhood you have known the sacred Scriptures, which are able to instruct you for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.”

In conclusion, we can categorize the goals of learning the verses of Bible in three categories, which are salvation, behavior and God is the ultimate truth. Salvation tries to make  the children understand the relevance of salvation for the mankind. Second aim tries to make the children behave in such a manner that the children will learn the morals of the religion. Lastly, children must understand that the kids must believe that the kids are the ultimate fact.

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Objectives Behind Bible Lessons For Kids

While going through Bible lessons for kids, researchers have found that there are certain objectives to be fulfilled while teaching the verses of bible to the little-ones. These objectives can be categorized as
1. Salvation: The children must understand their need for salvation.
2. Behavior: Children must behave according to the morals they learn from the Bible stories.
3. God’s Word: Kids must know that the God’s word is the ultimate truth.

As per scholars’ beliefs, one of the best approaches of teaching Bible verses for kids is to teach them using written methods through the Bible irrespective of the fact that whether the kids are growing up in church or not. This plan can be traced effectively and efficiently by offering Bible illustrations of the stories of the Bible to the kids and hold all of these stories together with one theme.

Below mentioned are the lessons which we hope the kids to learn through the Bible study for kids:
God is the creator of everything and, thus, is the center of everything whichever exists. Without him, no one can imagine the existence of anything.
Sin came into existence because one bad angel sinned in heaven. God kicked him out of the heaven. God is holy, that is why cannot let anything bad happen in his heaven.
This bad angel, commonly known as Satan, and his followers hated God and turned to destroy God’s very special creation, human beings. Satan convinced people that God did not  know what was the best for his people.
Human beings got influenced by the preachings of Satan. This is so we now have sin and death in the world. This implies that bad things came into existence because human beings turned their backs on God.
God did not want people to die, so he asked his son, Jesus, to take the punishment of sin from the human-beings to himself so they could live with God in heaven.
Whenever we understand what our holy God has done for us, we will go back to him, obey him and serve Him.

In conclusion, our aim is not convert the preachings of the Bible into a list of “Dos” and “Don’ts” for the children. The only thing which we want to be developed among the children is a good works based salvation. Human beings must be taught and understand that they are loved by an incredible God. Also, they can show their love for him by doing certain things which may please him.

To learn more about Bible study for kids, feel free to visit: Bible illustrations.

Bible Study for Kids Can Make Them People of Substance


In today’s fallen world, to raise a Christian child with fair religious and Christian beliefs is definitely a tough job. In Christianity, we have to train our child in such a way that he/she will grow up in a religious way and will not leave it till his/her older age. This means that we have to dedicate our children to the God.

Below mentioned are few things which can be done to prepare a child for the above mentioned purpose.

Pray Regularly: When we pray with our kid, the kid will get a chance to witness how we put our faith into action and the way we acknowledge the God for all what he has provided us. The kid will also see how you offer prayers, that is, by singing or speaking the verses of the Bible. The parents’ devotions for kids will help them in learning how to respect the religious practices and, in turn, the kid will also get an urge to pray before starting his/her day.

Start Studying Bible Together: The parents are the people whom a child trusts the most. Hence, if the child will witness that the parents are starting their day with the word of God and give God the highest priority, the child will also start giving the God that priority which the child should. The parents should also tell that the Bible study for kids is very important.

Bible study involves fun methods as well in order to develop the interest of a child in the Bible. These fun methods include fun story books, enactment of stories of the bible and bible coloring pages for kid.

Worship at Home: We all know that our house is our foremost and the biggest school. Hence, to inculcate religious beliefs and religious practices in the child, the parent must make their home the first place to offer their prayers to the God. To carry it on further, Christian home-school curriculum will be of a great help.

In addition, one can worship God in many ways. One can play religious Christina music in one’s car on the way to the school of the kid or to one’s own office, while working, working around at home or at dinner time.

However, to raise a Christian child is an ongoing journey which is not easy by any method. However, one must make the best efforts for their kids to let them grow into a young man or woman of substance.

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Bible Study for Kids Has Come a Long Way


Kids have enjoyable nature and we can not make the conventional Sunday bible study for kids a serious task to pursue. They may find these lectures boring especially after spending whole week in school.

However, the methods of teaching Christian home-school curriculum to children have come a long way than the conventional methods of Bible teaching which were used years ago. These days, the Church organizations have realized that children learn more through play and games. That is why, these organizations have incorporated fun activities, plays and games to the Bible studies for children. These activities have transformed the religious lessons into the fun lessons. These organizations teaches in a play-way manner and have those morals which are present in the Bible teachings. These organizations have Bible coloring pages for kids which will not let them loose their interest in religious learning and keep them attracted towards the Sunday classes.

One of these fun methods of teaching involves the story books which portray the stories of Bible. If your child has the ability to read, to read the Bible story books is the best fun-way method for them to inculcate religious learning habits in themselves. Through reading Bible story books, children may get their role-models who inspire them.

These books are very interesting and keep the child’s attention focused on the book which the kid in reading. As a consequence, the children will learn that the God is an ultimate power and seek wisdom from God whenever they are struck in any problem or unable to find the answers to their questions like who we are and why do we exist.

Bible study has much more to do than providing some good content to read. These stories teach children how to apply Biblical principles to their lives. Hence, they can quickly gain an understanding of sinful activities and develop conscious behavior.

The church organizations also organize marvelous summer camps for children through which the kids can learn religious activities with an ease. These Bible studies have a section called devotions for kids which will enable the kids to relate ancient events with the modern day happenings. Some of these Church organizations also accept those children who are not regular Church goers. During the lectures, the kids get such a feeling that they have been welcomed in the religious environment of the Church with opened arms and will, probably, gradually start taking interests in the religious learning.

To learn more about bible study for kids, feel free to visit: bible coloring pages for kid.